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Third Grade Spanish
Instructor: Fields, Emily   
All K - 4 Aspen Elementary Students attend Spanish as a Special.  Students receive 30 minutes of Spanish Language instruction, 2 times on the six day Specials school day rotation.  So every 6 school days, all students will have gone to Spanish class twice for 30 minutes.

All students will be working on achieving the Novice - Low Range level of proficiency as defined in the Colorado Department of Education World Language Standards.   Curriculum is created and based on high frequency words in the Spanish Language. Classroom language instruction is guided by using comprehensible input.   In Third Grade, students will be story telling and creating class stories to acquire Spanish.

3rd Grade Spanish Vocabulary, unit 4
 Please scroll down to see our unit 4 vocabulary.  We just finished this unit.  Gracias.
3rd Grade Spanish vocabulary
Hola, Please scroll down through Files to Cuentame Episodio 3 to find our classroom vocabulary. 
Discussion Topics
Transportation vocabulary
 cuentame episodio 1 vocabulario.PDF
Episode 1 Vocabulary for Cuentame stories. Students have actions to represent each word.
 Cuentame Episodio 3.pdf
Cuentame Episodio 3 vocabulario
 Cuentame, Episodio 4.pdf
Cuentame, unit 4 vocabulario
 Master,practices, exposed content.doc
An outlined list of Spanish vocabulary students should acquire by the completion of 4th grade.
 TPR Independencia de Mexico.doc
Third Grade is learning about Mexico's Independence Day: Sept. 16th 1821. We are using Total Physical Response, TPR.
 TPRS Introduction.docx
TPRS Introduction
 TPRS Vocabulary, Cuentame.docx
TPRS Vocabulary we are working on this year!
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